LYFT with Tomorrowland

Lyft is a nicotine pouch brand by British American Tobacco.
They needed a couple of upbeat videos, something that could connect with their audience, for use in social media to promote their collaboration with Tomorrowland. I was provided with all the brand assets, the music and plenty of video footage to select from.

While going through all the footage, I highlighted shots to use that included people’s actions like hands moving or feet dancing that would connect the viewer and also establishing shots of the event’s areas or concerts that would convey the atmosphere of the event.

The video editing was done to match the fast beat of the music, with a transition from day shots to night shots to give a sense of a day in Tomorrowland. Finally, the logo, copy and risk warning placement was done according to good social media content practices.

Promotional shots for Lyft Instagram account.
Chara Sakellari for Lyft, 2019